Below are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to shop? 

The following instructional personnel from eligible schools may shop at Classroom Central, including full-time instructional staff, media specialists, counselors, principals, assistant principals, facilitators and deans. At this time, custodians and administrative support staff such as administrative assistants, secretaries, teacher assistants and positions assigned to other departments other than a school, are not eligible to shop.  Still unsure if you qualify? Email Karen Coppadge.

What if I am a new teacher or recently changed schools?

The school is responsible for updating Classroom Central as personnel changes are made. Classroom Central can also verify employment and add you to our database if you have been assigned an official school email address. 

How long does it take to shop? 

If you are shopping for the first time, you will be given an orientation at check-in and it is suggested you allow one hour for your first visit.

May I take things for children outside of my school? 

The supplies should only be used with students in the classroom or school.  Items may not be sold, bartered, or traded in accordance with IRS regulations.

May I bring my teaching assistant or student teacher with me to shop for our classroom?

Due to the size limitations in our store, there are no guests allowed to accompany teachers during their shopping trip. However, you may send your teaching assistant to proxy shop in your absence.

What if I have not received badge yet? 

A valid photo ID or a driver license is acceptable to shop if you have not received or forgotten your badge.

Can someone else shop for me?

If you are registered and cannot make your appointment you can send a teacher or assistant teacher to shop for you.  A proxy form must be completed and presented at check-in.

When can I shop? We are open for shopping Monday (2p-5p), Tuesday (2p-6p), and the first Thursday of each month (7:30a-9:30a). Registration is required.

If your questions are not answered here, please email Karen Coppadge.