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This year, we have a goal of 1.8 million items to supply local students in need.  In this blog post, we take a look - why are the top items the most needed?


filler paper

Filler paper is so important for the everyday tasks that need to be completed in the classroom. We have a high need for this item so that students will be prepared to take notes and even be ready for that pop quiz.

glue stick

Glue sticks are an essential tool for hands-on learning. These are extremely hard for students to share if a whole classroom is working on a project that requires a glue stick. Having the ability to supply an entire class with glue sticks makes learning and creating more efficient.

colored pencils

Colored pencils aid and spark a child’s creativity and imagination. When equipped with colored pencils a child can have the ability to become more focused and improve concentration in the task at hand.

pocket folders - Copy - Copy

Pocket folders are helpful to put homework assignments as well as other important papers in, so they are not lost. Having pocket folders keeps students more organized and less likely to lose important papers they need to complete to succeed in and outside of the classroom.


Packs of Markers will help middle and high school students complete art projects and other creative projects they might need to take home to complete.


Pencils are one of the items we need most of. They are depleted the quickest; therefore our teachers appreciate as many pencils as we can give them for their students.

crayons2 - Copy

Crayons are needed to complete everyday tasks in the classroom. Without these, it can be challenging to have those visual aids that crayons and colorful lessons supply for a student.


Scissors help students tremendously improve their fine motor skills. Children can start using scissors at such a young age and it will continue to help them with tasks such as writing, using a tooth brush, and even throwing a ball.

composition book

Composition Books are required by many schools so that students can complete writing assignments. These books are historically one of the fastest items to run out at Classroom Central and we need your help to keep these in stock.


There are several ways YOU can help provide these items for local students.  You can be a #9SchoolTools Collection Site or visit our Amazon Wishlist!  Email Aubrye Carr at or if you have any questions or ideas.

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