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1 - Nametags.....We like to have fun with nametags. You can create a custom one with stickers and your personal flair.


2 - A Pop Quiz!! Meant to bring you back to your school days, we are excited to see how YOU answer 5 questions about education and teaching!


3 - An overview of our programs and operations.  We'll take a walk through our facility to show you how everything works.



4 - Refreshments! We know you are busy, so we'll make sure to feed you breakfast or lunch depending on the time of your Show & Tell session. Special thanks to Jason's Deli for their sponsorship of our lunch programs.  Over lunch, we'll tell you more about Classroom Central through stories about the students and teachers we serve.


For those of you attending Show & Tells in the Summer, we have a School Tools Collection Site Training integrated into the one hour experience. 

5 - We'll give you a sneak peek into our awesome warehouse and show you where you'll drop donations off when your drive is complete.


6 - We'll supply you with resources to run a successful drive. We have a table set up all Summer long!


7 - We'll help you load your materials and barrels in your vehicle.


We hope to see you at an upcoming Show & Tell. Learn more on our Show & Tell page.

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