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Classroom Central could not achieve our mission if it were not for the investment in our work by corporations, individuals and volunteers. One of these organizations that is critical to our efforts is Wells Fargo.

To start, Wells Fargo provides us in-kind product to help supply our Free Store on Wilkinson Boulevard.  They routinely monitor their inventory and send us excess supplies. This could include brand new binders, notepads and pens, which make great school supplies. They keep any outdated posters and signage for Classroom Central, as these items make great poster board for classrooms and are a favorite with teachers. When they have items like leftover piggy banks or stuffed animals from promotions, they also send them our way, as these make great incentives for teachers to use with their students in the classroom.


When it comes to school supply drives, they are also a supporter in encouraging and promoting employee giving.  One Wells Fargo department focused on pencils and gathered 47,000 for Classroom Central. Pretty impressive!


In addition to physical drives, several departments do fundraising lunches and efforts to provide funds to Classroom Central. We often have individual Wells Fargo employees stopping by our facility on Wilkinson Boulevard to drop off a check collected from their particular department.

WellsCharityLunch - 350 - goes into their blog post

Finally, in terms of manpower, Wells Fargo is very resourceful.  With  a small staff of ten, we rely on volunteers to help us run our operations.  On a monthly basis, teams come from Wells Fargo to help us with our day-to-day operations.  Last year, Wells Fargo contributed 500 volunteer hours to Classroom Central.   In addition, we are fortunate to have three Wells Fargo members on our Board of Directors helping to provide professional skills and governance to our organization.

Wells Fargo volunteering 1-9-14

Thanks to Wells Fargo for their continued investment in our community and Classroom Central.

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