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Our Executive Director, Jill, spoke at the Church of the Brethren National Convention held in Uptown Charlotte last week.  After her presentation, the group surprised our team with a collection they had organized to support the region.   The organization had hand picked Classroom Central as their focal charity from a number of other worthy nonprofits, so we were honored and completely floored by their generosity.   But what is most amazing is the fact that conference attendees had packed filled their luggage from our school supply wish list.   So, the supplies traveled from all over the USA!

An incredible 538 backpacks

It was lucky timing for us that the Bank of America Community team was scheduled to volunteer at our Free Store Warehouse the Monday following this incredible gift.   The team of 17 employees worked for three hours sorting and organizing the supplies so that they could be ready for teacher shopping which starts in less than one month.

Bank of America sorting the Church of the Brethren's donation

Below are some of the highlights from the Bank of America count (It sure was great to have their financial talents!) :

It totaled 43,183 items.   With over half the region’s children living at or below poverty level, many parents are not always able to supply their kids with the basic items needed at school.  The donation from Church of the Brethren will make such an incredible impact in the six districts we serve, providing students in need with essential tools needed to learn!  Thanks to our contact person, Chris, and all the members of the church who made this happen.

Classroom Central wouldn’t be able to equip the region’s children with school supplies if it weren’t for the generous donations and volunteers.  You continue to amaze us!

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