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This post was written by Risa G. Brandon, Classroom Central's Volunteer & Distribution Coordinator.

Classroom Central depends on volunteers to ensure we accomplish our mission – to equip students living in poverty to effectively learn by collecting and distributing free schools supplies. I believe our mission is what draws our volunteers to us. People want to help our educators and students.

Jo Anne Caruso - stocking

Our volunteers provide assistance on a regular schedule (weekly, monthly, bimonthly, yearly) and as needed. Our tasks at Classroom Central vary based on day and shift but include die cutting (cutting out paper stencils using a piece of equipment), store stocking (preparing the store with supplies), stocking (packing supplies for distribution), administrative (entering shopping and volunteer data, preparing mailings, etc.), cleaning, teacher shopping (checking teachers in and out, loading vehicles) and assisting with special events. Volunteers schedule to come to Classroom Central as part of a group (corporations, churches, small businesses, civic organizations, etc.) or as individuals (youngest age to volunteer is 6 years old). Some of the ways we reach out to potential volunteers include our website, staff interaction in the community, word of mouth from other volunteers, group presentations and referrals through United Way. It is not a difficult task to recruit people to be a part of our mission.

Classroom Central volunteers are an awesome collection of individuals. We believe people enjoy volunteering with us for a variety of reasons.


  1. Our mission – people want students living in poverty to have the supplies they need to succeed.
  2. People remember what it was like to get their own new school supplies and want the students in our community to have the same experience.
  3. People want to fill their time volunteering with an organization that is making a difference.
  4. Volunteering with us is fun – whether cutting out stencils in the die cut room or assisting with teacher shopping, people enjoy what they are doing.
  5. We respect our volunteer’s time. We strive to make sure we are ready for volunteers when they arrive and that they are busy while they are here.
  6. We value our volunteers and let them know we appreciate that they are giving of their valuable time.

Assembly line with Wells Fargo volunteers

Volunteers are critical to our success and we recognize the impact of what each person brings to our organization. Contact Risa G. Brandon at if you would like information about making a difference at Classroom Central.

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