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At Classroom Central, we have the most amazing volunteer support system. Since we just have a staff of eleven, we rely on our volunteers to help us achieve our mission. Our volunteer spotlights are a way of showcasing those individuals and groups.

Wilma Pagan, working at the Classroom Central front office

Name:  Wilma Pagan

Length of time as a volunteer:  began May 2011, so 2 years

Why you volunteer at Classroom Central:  I believe in the mission of providing school supplies for those whose families cannot.  I feel appreciated by staff.  Volunteering also helps keep my business skills active.

What school supply excites you the most to see come through the doors? Artwork done by students in appreciation of supplies provided.

What do you do when you are not volunteering at Classroom Central?  Enjoy retirement, reading, completing puzzles, growing flowers & figs, tending cats, and being a grandma.

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