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At Classroom Central, we have the most amazing volunteer support system. Since we just have a staff of eleven, we rely on our volunteers to help us achieve our mission.  We have several schools that help us with store stocking.  As we have a lean staff, we truly appreciate all their manpower so that we can keep our Free Store running!  Our volunteer spotlights are a way of showcasing those individuals and groups.


School Name:

Myers Park High School


Educators who attend with students:

Beth Brown,  Belonda Barringer and Debi Waldrop


Length of time your group has volunteered at Classroom Central:

6 years


Why does your group volunteer at Classroom Central:

Our students volunteer at Classroom Central to receive work hours for Community Based Training (CBT) toward their diploma.  Volunteering allows our students to receive on the job training experience to help them in the future.


Why did you select Classroom Central as your volunteer opportunity:

Classroom Central provides our students with skills that can be utilized in jobs after they graduate.  These students learn how to work as a team, to take instruction from a supervisor, and how to stock material appropriately.  They can find many opportunities in the community where these acquired skills can help them achieve employment.


What do you like about volunteering at Classroom Central?

Fred Caldwell, student:  “Even though I get tired, I like volunteering and working with Ms. Risa!  She keeps me in ‘check’ and lets me know when I’m doing good and bad!  Thank you Ms. Risa for all that you have done for me and my classmates!”


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