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At Classroom Central, we have the most amazing volunteer support system. Since we just have a staff of eleven, we rely on our volunteers to help us achieve our mission. Our volunteer spotlights are a way of showcasing those individuals and groups.

Twice a month, we are delighted to have a special group of helpers. The Duke Energy Retirees bring passion, enthusiasm, and fun to their work at Classroom Central.

Counting and sorting pencils in the Classroom Central warehouse

Leader Bill Fox says of Duke Energy, where he worked for 33 1/2 years, “The Duke Energy corporate culture is one that believes what is good for the community, is good for the company.”  In fact, Duke Energy retirees give the Charlotte community 20,000 volunteer hours a year! It is this mantra that inspires this group of individuals to continue in their service in the name of their longtime employer, even in retirement.

Fox said the group of Duke Energy retirees is motivated to continue to do good. Duke Energy supports the retirees community efforts, sponsoring a lunch every quarter for each of the 23 retiree chapters in the region.  At those luncheons, the chapters share fellowship and also their spirit of volunteerism.

We love seeing Bill walk through the doors of Classroom Central twice a month.

The fourth Thursday of every month, this group can be found at Classroom Central helping with Teacher Shopping, which serves over 150 educators per day (Classroom Central is open for Teacher Shopping on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays). They help teachers navigate the store, coordinate check-out and also assist teachers in loading their cars.

What started as a Duke Retiree group’s once a month service, grew into more. The Kiwanis Club of Charlotte joined forces with the Duke Energy retirees, to create an additional group which comes consistently on the second Monday morning of each month for Store Stocking. After every afternoon of Teacher Shopping, the shelves at Classroom Central are bare. Thus, this group of volunteers helps to sort items and re-stock the store.


We are so fortunate they have chosen us. In addition to the valued manpower they provide, they also are great connectors, helping to spread the word about Classroom Central’s mission.

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