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At Classroom Central, we have the most amazing volunteer support system. Since we just have a staff of eleven, we rely on our volunteers to help us achieve our mission. Our volunteer spotlights are a way of showcasing those individuals and groups.

This month, we spotlight Danny Packett.  Danny helps us twice a week during Teacher Shopping as well as many other ways such as Drive Thru Shopping and our weekend special events.  He was our 2013 Volunteer of the Year award winner.



Danny Packett

Length of time as a volunteer:

5 years

Why you volunteer at Classroom Central:

Because I want to help the underprivileged get a better education. I enjoy working with the other volunteers.

What school supply excites you the most to see come through the doors?

The happy teachers are what excites me the most!

What you do when you are not volunteering at Classroom Central?

I work full time night shifts.  I enjoy boating, traveling and spending time with my wife and grandkids.

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