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Jillian Murphy


Endhaven Elementary School

Subject or grade taught:

ESL Grades K-5

Length of time teaching:

8 years

What do you love most about teaching:

I truly love working with the students and watching them progress over time.  It is exciting when they move from the, “Can you help me?” stage to the, “Watch this!” stage!

What is the craziest thing you have done for school supplies?

I save most of my crazy for the kids!  When it comes to school supplies I keep my eyes open for grants to apply for and contests to enter.

Can you tell us a story about how Classroom Central has personally helped one of your students?

The generous donations received from Classroom Central have benefited numerous students at Endhaven Elementary but one very special student in particular.  John* came to Endhaven right after winter break last year.  He was adopted from Ukraine so the change was difficult for him. Over time he became more comfortable being at school, his English improved, and EVERYONE, staff and students alike, were drawn to his charismatic personality.

Due to unfortunate circumstances he was unable to attend Endhaven for a couple of months at the beginning of the year.  His absence affected everyone tremendously.  One afternoon we received a call that our beloved John would be returning to school the next day!

The next morning John came to school but instead of coming in with that contagious smile on his face and book bag on ready to learn, he looked down towards the ground with an empty back.  We asked John where his book bag was and he explained that during his move to a new foster home his belongings were taken.

Well the stars must have been aligned that day because our facilitator had just visited Classroom Central the afternoon before.  We took John into her office where he was able to pick out a book bag, identical to the one he had before he left.  This helped bring a small grin to his face as he thanked us for the book bag.  Then he was able to get a whole new set of crayons, a box of markers, pencils, paper and 2 highlighters.  When he was able to pack all those supplies into his new book bag, his face began to glow.

The icing on the cake for John was when we were able to give him a pillow pal.  That night was going to be his second night in a new house with a new foster family.  As you can imagine, John was scared and confused by all the changes in his life.  The staff here at Endhaven was the closest thing to family John knew and trusted.  Because of Classroom Central, John was able to take home the pillow pal and hug it when he felt alone or scared. It was a reminder to him that we are never far from his side.

The supplies donated from Classroom Central not only gave John the confidence to walk into his classroom with his head high, but the security of knowing someone cares.

*student’s name has been changed

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