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We love to share the impact that we make in the community.  

Below, you’ll find a letter that we received a few weeks ago about how our programs have made a difference at Harding High School. Thanks to all our supporters who enable us to make this happen.  

Dear Classroom Central Personnel, Benefactors and Volunteers,

Thank you for yet another year of wonderful shopping in the Store!  As I am sure you are aware, teachers are being asked to do more with less.  In my years of working in CMS, I have never seen such a need like I have this year, whereby students are coming to class without the basics (paper, pens, etc.) daily.

To avoid wasted instructional time and other issues, I continually have a supply of pencils, pens and paper readily available for students in need.  With a sign posted nearby, “Please See Mrs. Sam if you are in need of school supplies- FREE courtesy of Classroom Central.”  I know there are some who are shy to ask and/or in great need and having items available has helped tremendously fill a void in their academic success in my course and others (some will come in from the hallways to grab a pencil in route to another class).

I regularly shop to keep an adequate stock of materials for the aforementioned purpose, but also to extend instructional process with the more random/unique finds available at various times.  For instance, I incorporated “The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary How Greg Heffley Went Hollywood” full classroom book set into an enrichment lesson focusing on the theatrical industry and a series that many read/saw in younger years.  The artistic supplies have also been helpful in visual arts related projects associated with the curriculum.

Thank you for your support of teachers and educators serving area students.  Beyond the materials and tools for instruction, we value the support and kindness received in the store.  At the end of the day, several volunteers recognize you and chat a bit and/or offer encouraging words.  Thank you again for your assistance in meeting the needs of students, the personal use items, and a welcoming environment that knows the value of a teacher.

Best wishes for a relaxing summer and continued support for your Store—you are valuable!


Ms. Sam, Harding High School

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