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The following is a guest post from Soumya Avva, a Classroom Central Student Ambassador. 


Education was always a priority in my household. When I had the opportunity to hold a school supply drive for impoverished students at my high school, I jumped at the opportunity. 50% of our region’s students don’t have access to school supplies and Classroom Central supports over 100,000 of these students. I am grateful to be able to positively impact students by providing them with the resources to reach their goals.  Below are my tips for conducting a drive for Classroom Central:



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1 - Make sure that the fundraiser lasts for a reasonable time.

The ideal time period for a fundraiser is 1 week. This gives donors enough time to donate.

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2 - Create a Fundraising Team

Starting a fundraising can be hard work. Team collaboration allows tasks to be divided, makes the workload more manageable and enables the fundraiser to run smoothly.

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 3 - Advertise

Make sure to advertise the week before the fundraiser starts to build awareness. Good ways to advertise include social media, school newsletters, school announcements, and fliers.

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4 - Give an Incentive

Set a fundraising goal for your school or team. Hosting a competition between grades or classrooms is a great way to get people involved.

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5 - Reach Out to Other Sources

It is also helpful to reach out to other sources for fundraising opportunities. Ask your local library for books that are not in circulation, school supply stores for donations, and bookstores for donations.

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6 - Write Thank you Cards

Make sure to write thank you cards for everyone who helped during the fundraiser and provide them with more information about volunteering or working with Classroom Central in the future.

Thank you for your support to Classroom Central!


Since 2014, Soumya Avva has been a Student Ambassador for Classroom Central, helping to build awareness for Classroom Central’s mission and organizing school supply drives. She is a student at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Soumya is passionate about education and wants to equip students with school supplies that they need to succeed in the classroom. 



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