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We receive hundreds of supply donations every month. However, we recently had a treat: a supply donation for the Classroom Central staff.

The Dymo team from Newell Rubbermaid heard that we hand wrote out all of our mail and cards.  With tons of pieces going every day, they wanted to provide a more simple solution.

They donated $1500 of Label Writers and labels to our staff.  With the Dymo Label Writers, we can just select Contacts from Outlook and it magically prints beautiful labels!  So now, instead of hand writing our labels, we can be doing what is more important – helping the kids.

Our staff, delighted with the presents

In addition to the Label Writers, we received a few handheld label makers for the Free Store, and our Executive Director and Assistant Executive Director received CardScan devices, so they could more speedily enter in contacts.


We feel very high-tech.  Thanks, Dymo!

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