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On our blog, we often talk about how critical our volunteers and community partners are in our work to supply students living in poverty with school supplies. Without their support, we would not be able to do what we do.

One of our special contributors is the Knitting Group at Sharon Towers who has been contributing for the past eight years. Sharon Towers is a retirement living community located in Charlotte, and their group of 12  passionate knitters have made it their mission to supply warm weather gear for the students served by Classroom Central. You might wonder what school supplies have to do with hats and scarves, but many teachers have a great need for these items for kids who come to school without the essential gear for cold weather.

As our region has seen many days in the teens, these items can be life savers for little ones who don’t have a hat or scarf to keep warm waiting for the school bus or walking to school.

We received a huge shipment from Sharon Towers, over 10 large boxes stuffed full, during the holiday season. This January, we were honored to participate in their Winter Social and pick up over 100 handmade goods that they lovingly prepared over the last month since our last pick-up.

Just one of the tables displaying the recent handmade items.


One knitter focused on making special embellishments that others could use on their future designs.

The teachers continually show their appreciation for these items. Each qualifying teacher can take two items per shopping trip, and we ask that they have a student in mind in order to take them.

January Teacher Shoppers checking out the beautiful merchandise in our Free Store.

In addition to the Sharon Towers Knitters Group, we are fortunate to also have Carriage Club, Tyvola Senior Center and individuals Betty Jett and Jo Anne Caruso contributing to our warm weather supply.

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