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On Monday, we were honored to participate in a science experiment sponsored by Discovery Place and WSOC Channel 9 in support ofSchool Tools.

Discovery Place hosts a camp each summer and the kids who participate in the camp helped us with our project. Their assignment:build a roller coaster.  The clincher? One group got all the supplies they needed : construction paper, a few pairs of scissors, tape, notebooks, protractors, markers, paper clips, rubber bands.  You name it…they had it.    The other group received just a few supplies: one pair of scissors, some paper, and limited markers.


Supplies for the roller coaster

Why would we be so unfair to the second group?   WSOC, Discovery Place, and Classroom Central wanted to illustrate a point:  54% of kids in the region are living in poverty.  This means they do not have the proper supplies in the classroom.

Our exercise was to demonstrate the potential of a child when you have the right items.   Our children are our future.   In specific terms, they are our future doctors, teachers, lawyers, policeman, and workforce.


The team with supplies talking about their roller coaster structure

The team with less supplies strategizing. They were amazingly creative but could have achieved a better result with the right supplies.

The kids took notice the impact that less supplies would have on their peers.  One child commented, “Their grades aren’t going to be as good. They won’t be able to do as much, like take certain notes”.

The full video is available on the WSOC website here:

Let’s equip children living in poverty with what they need.  The School Tools campaign is in full force.  Sign your office or organization up for a School Tools drive!

If you cannot participate in that timeframe, supplies are always needed at Classroom Central year round.

For more information, visit

For a full picture recap, visit the Classroom Central Flickr page.

Special thanks to Natalie Pasquarella and Logan with Discovery Place for personally donating the materials for the experiment.  

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