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We are fortunate to have many groups of volunteers help Classroom Central.   However, for some groups, we know there are challenges with coming to help in our warehouse during the weekdays. If your organization would like to help Classroom Central but you have a large group or just want to offer a great team building opportunity at your venue, we have a solution for you: The Pencil Pouch Project.  It can be done by as few as 2 people to as many as 1,000!

For .86 cents a pouch (price includes shipping), your group can purchase the bulk supplies to pack pencil pouches for kids in need.  We’ll send you the items to be assembled at a convenient time, and one volunteer just needs to drop them at our warehouse after the project is complete.

Recently, The Bank of America Merchant Services team did a Pencil Pouch Project over their lunch hour.   Below are a few photos that show you what this project could look like for your group.




The Pouches

You are free to set up the pencil pouch kits in whatever way is easiest for you: assembly line, working groups, etc.   Into each pouch goes a pencil, pen, and an eraser.


After assembling, drop them off at Classroom Central Monday – Thursday from 8:00AM to noon.


Since this blog post was written, we have renamed our program to Kits for A Cause.  For more information on doing a Kits for A Cause with your group, visit our website.

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