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A bit of Charlotte sports trivia for you: The Carolina Panthers provided seed money to found Classroom Central in 2002. We are grateful for their support of our organization, which has spanned for more than a decade. And they are still continuing to help our mission in a big way: this past Monday night, the Classroom Central team was honored to participate in Panther Talk.  The Carolina Panthers offered free autographs and raffle prizes to fans who came to Bank of America Stadium with a donation for Classroom Central.

Here they come!

Fans from near and far drove to participate in the evening.  When we arrived an hour early to set up, there were already 47 folks lined up!  We were so impressed by the generosity and passion of the Carolina Panther fans. Our biggest donation came from eight year old Matthew, of United Faith Christian Academy, who led his group of classmates to collect supplies for Classroom Central, versus having their annual Thanksgiving party.

Matthew and his 11 classmates from United Faith gathered all these supplies, forgoing their Thanksgiving party to focus on kids in need!

The fans in attendance were entertained by Sir Purr and the Top Cats, who donned Santa hats in celebration of the night.

Sir Purr helping us collect and organize the donations

Five linebackers gave out autographs to those who contributed: Chase Blackburn, Luke Kuechly, A.J. Klein, Jason Williams and Ben Jacobs.

Excited fans lined up for linebacker autographs

In addition, we were special guests on Panther Talk to promote our mission and announce the success: fans contributed over a pallet of supplies and $500 cash to Classroom Central!

The Panther Talk radio show, ready to start

The timing couldn’t be better as this time of year, our shelves are very low!  Thank you, Carolina Panthers!

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Panther Talk podcast from December 16th

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