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Local businesses and corporations are integral to our mission at Classroom Central. From financial donations, to employee drives, to the encouragement of volunteerism, we feel very lucky for all they do for us. We’ve been very impressed with their donations during the Back To School season!  In addition, so many businesses have been using their creative juices, that we wanted to share a few with you:

Belk is particularly creative when it comes to supporting Classroom Central. They conducted six different drive activities to support our Backpacks & Basics program. But one that impressed us was Executive Sumo wrestling. Employees could bid on their favorite of twelve Belk execs to be paired up in a sumo stand-off.  If you’ve ever worn a Sumo suit, we don’t have to explain what a sacrifice this is! More to come on Belk’s involvement in a future post, but this activity alone raised over $20,000 for Classroom Central’s Backpacks & Basics program.

Belk Sumo contest for Classroom Central

At Newell Rubbermaid, two top executives volunteered to take a dunk for Classroom Central. Employees could donate supplies or money in order to get a throw at the dunk machine.  We know the schedules of executives are very important, so we appreciate their gesture to get soaked on behalf of our organization.


What creative methods has your organization used in helping charitable organizations?

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