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Think about how hard it would be to instill a love of reading without access to books. In a study conducted by Neuman and Celano, they found on average that fewer than one to two books were available per child in low-income areas. Of those books, the majority were of poor quality or not on the appropriate reading level for the child.

Books are vital to a child’s learning from an early age. By third grade, if a student hasn’t learned to read, he or she is already behind because the ability to read is necessary to understanding concepts and homework. The reason some students are left behind is because they are not reading on grade level and then are not able to fully understand the curriculum because of that obstacle.

In fact, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the largest school district we serve, has named literacy as their North Star.


According to our friends at Read Charlotte:

There’s an opportunity for you to help students catch up! Consider hosting a book drive to stock Classroom Central’s bookshelves so that teachers can provide these books to students who need them. The most helpful books are for K-12 readers, in gently used condition. In a survey of K-5 teachers, the follow were the most popular books:

If you need any tips on how to conduct a supply drive, check out our blog post from Soumya Avva, a Classroom Central Student Ambassador or contact Tee Poole.  Also, please feel free to download & customize our Book Drive sign to make things easier.

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