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April is a special month for Classroom Central. It is the time when we give thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who make what we do possible. This past year, we had a total of 1,265 volunteers which clocked in almost 11,000 volunteer hours.  Fun fact: The gift of our volunteers’ time is estimated at over $250,000 in value to Classroom Central!

We appreciate our volunteers so much that we celebrate their help for the entire month!  Below are some of the things we do to thank our volunteers during the month of April:

Volunteer Thank You Card

This is a Thank You Card made up of comments from many different teachers that Classroom Central serves. As you can see, the teachers are very appreciative of volunteers helping them out and making their jobs easier.

Volunteer Thank You Wall

 Located in the front of the Free Store, there is a wall thanking volunteers for everything they do. There is a note included from each of our staff members to show how much we value the time and effort they put towards Classroom Central.

Risa’s Snack Cart

During the month of April, when we have volunteers working in the Free Store, Risa Brandon, our Volunteer Coordinator, comes around with a snack cart to offer to volunteers. This is to thank them for taking time out of their day to be at Classroom Central and help us out!

 We look forward to this month every year so we can thank our wonderful volunteers. Check out our social media where we will be posting Volunteer Spotlights every week! We’d also like to thank TCBY for sponsoring Volunteer Appreciation Month.




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