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Every Thursday in the summer, tons of fun young professionals gather at The Epicentre for the biggest after-work party in Charlotte, complete with band and a lively crowd.   As a part of our Clearing Out For Classroom Central effort in Uptown last week, we were invited to attend the event and mingle with the group for our cause.  Thank goodness the rain stopped so that we could be a part of it.

Our Classroom Central crew, excited for clear skies

Many attendees stopped to play a round of Dry Eraser Jenga with us, which is based on regular Jenga, except with dry erasers.


Uh oh! The tower collapsed!

We loved that several teachers stopped by, noting that Classroom Central supported their schools, which helped make their job easier.  Since over half of this region’s kids are living in poverty, most don’t have the basic school supplies for the classroom.   Many times, hardworking teachers have to buy supplies for these kids, which is tough on a teacher’s salary.   Classroom Central helps equip these students with the right supplies, so that they have what they need, so teachers can focus on teaching.  So, our teacher friends at Alive After Five helped spread the word to all the patrons.


Several generous Alive After Five attendees gave us financial donations, which combined with the supply donations from Trade & Tryon’s event, helped us achieve our goal!


A big thanks to Mike at the Epicentre and to Pavilion Rocks / Alive After Five for hosting us.

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