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This summer, we were grateful for an energetic team from Duke Energy.    About 30 of their team members joined us to assist in a variety of projects around the warehouse.

Our volunteer coordinator, Risa, had organized several activities for this team.  Most of them centered around taking big bulk donations and packing them into “shop-able” items.

For instance, we had been fortunate to recently receive pallets of stationery, craft paper from Post-it, and Command Hooks from 3M.      When it is time for teacher shopping, we host 50 teachers at once in our Classroom Central Free Store.  Thus, it is essential that these items are packed in easy-to-grab quantities to ensure a pleasant shopping experience as well as fairness (teachers are given a limit of total items per shopping trip).

It is really fun to see how different departments tackle projects.   The team who was organizing stationery into usable packs (envelope + card) made an assembly line a la Henry Ford.    The team doing craft paper sat in a circle, counting and packing into donated Ziploc bags from Wal-mart.

Paper packing team

Stationary packing team

In addition to those projects, a group of talented knitters used donated yarn to create some beautiful scarves.   Scarves may confuse you —  why do teachers need  scarves in the classroom?    However, these handmade products are some of our most treasured items.   It enables a teacher to be able to provide discrete gifts to some students who don’t have the most basic of needs.


Thanks, Duke Energy.  We appreciate all you do for us!


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