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In all of our programs, there is one thing that is considered to be as good as gold in the classroom: copy paper.  With many teachers receiving limited supply at the beginning of each semester (we have heard 2 packs is the norm), it simply isn’t enough.  With state school supply budgets decreasing even further in 2013-2014, our region’s teachers in high needs schools rely on Classroom Central for essential items.

Domtar Paper, located in Fort Mill, SC, just south of Charlotte, is a critical partner in this mission.  Domtar supplies Classroom Central with copy paper so that these teachers can more effectively instruct in the classroom.


Qualifying educators may shop for free at Classroom Central once per month, where they can take 25 items, which includes generally 2 packs of copy paper. In an average year, a teacher in a high-poverty school may receive 16-20 packs of Domtar paper from Classroom Central for use in their classroom.


In addition to the Free Store, Domtar has also supplied Classroom Central’s innovative new online ordering system, Classroom Up, with copy paper which helps reach even more educators and students in high needs schools than our Free Store is able to on its own.

Thanks to Domtar’s investment in our region’s students, these teachers can create necessary handouts, worksheets and provide drawing paper for students who need it.

It doesn’t stop with the paper either!  Domtar has several talented groups of employees who also pool their skills to provide other resources for Classroom Central.  They do a big supply drive in August of each year to organize their staff to contribute general school supplies.  They host a bake sale for which proceeds go to Classroom Central programs.  We tried to attend and photograph the bake sale back in the Summer, but based on the deliciousness of the homemade goods, they’d entirely sold out by lunch hour!  In addition to these programs, passionate Domtar knitters meet up outside of work hours to make hats and scarves for kids who don’t have warm weather gear.

Domtar hats

We truly appreciate the leadership of Domtar Paper in helping our region’s students with the gift of paper and other essential items necessary to succeed!

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