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Summer break is approaching and while many have visions of pool days and vacations on the brain, there are also great activities that can be done to exercise kids’ philanthropic interests over the break.  After hearing from many parents that they had a desire to get their teens and younger kids involved in philanthropy, Classroom Central developed a Student Ambassador program. 

Classroom Central estimates that over 1.8 million school supplies are needed to ensure all CMS students are prepared for the upcoming school year.  There are a variety of different options for youth to get involved with the organization, ranging from encouraging neighbors to participate in the Saturday, August 19th 9 School Tools USPS collection drive, to organizing a supply or book drive of their own.  Every option may be done virtually, knowing that transportation, distance and schedules can sometimes be a problem.  Youth are encouraged to use their creativity to plan their activities based on their vision.  

This is also a great opportunity for students to fulfill required volunteer hours, which many schools require.

For more information, please download Classroom Central’s Ambassador Toolkit or email Aubrye Carr at

Also, we encourage you to check out a message of encouragement from an eleven time supply-drive organizer, CJ Ciuca:

 “Hi, My name is CJ and I have been hosting a school supply drive for eleven years. It all started in Kindergarten when I went to buy school supplies and I wondered about those students that couldn't afford their own.  So, I asked for school supplies for my birthday in lieu of gifts. I will be sixteen in August. Over the eleven years, I have collected over 10,000 supplies! It is relatively easy, but to really enjoy it and do it year after year, you have to want to do it. The reason I enjoy organizing the drive is the feeling I get knowing that I have helped someone, knowing that I have made a difference. I know that if I need something for a project or assignment, I have it at my fingertips from my parents and knowing that some students and teachers don't have that privilege is what drives me to continue the supply drive every year. I hope that you will be able to help Classroom Central and organize your own supply drive over the summer. Here are a few tips: 1) Start small. You don't have to get the entire town to donate to your drive, just start with a few close friends or maybe a neighborhood wide drive. 2) Be organized. Send out cute flyers, have your parents make announcements on social media, or post a sign at your community pool.  Keeping everything in order reduces headaches and makes the drive all the more enjoyable.  Good Luck, CJ Ciuca”

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