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Our inventory tends to be low at this time of year. While many people think about school supplies for kids in need at the Back To School timeframe, it can become an afterthought for another critical time of year: Second Semester.  With the start of a new term, these essential school supplies are just as critical.

At Classroom Central, teachers in high-needs schools can shop at our facility once a month for items for their students.  They have several favorite items but one thing they really count on is books.  Unfortunately, Classroom Central ran out of books in December.  It became our mission to get our shelves full again so that kids had these resources to inspire learning and reading.

Thankfully, Jean Odom at Cardinal Lane Book Fairs answered the call in January.  They specialize in all things books: developing customized book fairs for schools, providing book sets for classrooms such as novels and take-home readers, and pre-school books for child development centers.

Cardinal Lane Books sent us 8 pallets of brand new books.  These ranged from books about countries and regions of the world to books about science and weather.


The teachers we serve were thrilled. They’d noticed the shortage and were ecstatic to see such high quality books on the shelves.  The weeks after the books arrived, we received so many positive comments about they would benefit the students.  A few remarked how the science ones were perfect for supplementing their classroom instruction.


We really encourage schools we serve to contact this fantastic company when organizing book purchases or book fairs by checking out their website. We are so thankful for their support in helping kids whose parents would not be able to afford such gems.

We can really use support throughout the year for book drives and contacting publishers and other sources of books.  If you’d be willing to help with this, please visit the Contact Us Section of our website for information.

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