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Name:  Rochelle Rivas

Board Position: Chair

Length of Time on the Board:  Five years

Why do you serve on the board at Classroom Central?  I was raised in a family that giving back to the community was an expectation. I was in my thirties before I really realized why it was so important. I have two children of my own and they have never gone without anything. I serve because I know that everyday that I show up at Classroom Central, I can for a brief moment know that I helped that child on that day, be better off when I leave.  I can be an anonymous face to a child that helps them achieve their dream.

What is your proudest accomplishment serving on the board? Classroom Up – taking an idea and making it a reality. (The Classroom Up program is an innovative new online ordering system being piloted in 34 CMS schools – for more information on the Classroom Up program, visit our website or watch this news feature).

What do you wish the community knew about Classroom Central? Pull back the layers and you will see poverty. There is a student in your child’s classroom that needs your help!

Rochelle is Co-owner and Managing Partner at The DARTON GROUP.

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