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Barbara Davis

Name:  Barbara Davis

Length of time on the board :  4 years

Why you serve on the board at Classroom Central?  Families living in poverty face so many challenges and those challenges increase when there are children in school. It is my hope that my service on the board will further the mission of Classroom Central and that providing schools supplies for their children becomes one less challenge for those parents to overcome.

What is your proudest accomplishment serving on the board? A few years ago, I led a supply drive at the corporate headquarters of Piedmont Natural Gas and set in motion a competition for pencil donations.  In just one week, our company donated over 35,000 pencils!   I was so very proud of my Piedmont family for stepping up and helping to make a difference in the life of students in need.

What do you wish the community knew about Classroom Central?  I want the community to know that the staff and board at Classroom Central are dedicated to improving the lives of students living in poverty and that we welcome them to join us whether it be through volunteering their time, making a financial contribution or inquiring about how to stop by for a tour of the free store for a first-hand look at what we do.

Barbara Davis is Community Relations Coordinator at Piedmont Natural Gas.

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