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The following is a guest post from Emma Hoefle, one of our Educate Your Palate event Coolinary Kids Challenge winners.

The Educate Your Palate event made a big impact on my life. I was so excited when my mom told me that I was one of the eight kids chosen to participate. Originally I thought that this would be a fun challenge but I never expected to be on TV or be featured in magazines and in the newspaper!


Working with Chef Andres was also an amazing experience. We didn’t just talk… we got to work hands on with him and he treated us like real chefs and not just kids. We even got to make a pasta dish for his customers and made a delicious parmesan risotto for ourselves at lunchtime.


Classroom Central is such an amazing organization that helps so many kids in need in my community and I am lucky to be a part of it. Winning the competition made this experience ten times better. I have my apron hanging in my room and whenever I look at it I get smile from ear to ear on my face. We all were so surprised! I thought that I just liked to cook but I never knew that I was actually that good of a chef! This event has definitely thrown a curveball into deciding a career even though I’m 12 years old.


Emma Hoefle is a seventh grader at Alexander Graham Middle School. Her favorite celebrity chef is Ree Drumond and her favorite meal to make is homemade pizza. She loves food because “it is a great way to show your creativity. Plating and coming up with recipes are two of my favorite parts and of course, actually cooking it!”

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