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Many think of a STEM as a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  In actuality, it is so much more.

Thanks to support from Duke Energy, Classroom Central programs staff had the pleasure of spending a Saturday morning in January with ten very passionate educators who took the time to explain to us what STEM really is. STEM is not just a focus on a particular subject , but a strategic way of thinking. One educator explained STEM as: Strategy That Engages Minds.  

Each educator shared that STEM programs teach problem solving and critical thinking skills. These skills can be carried over year after year and are applicable in any subject and to life in general. A STEM classroom is unlike a traditional classroom setting, it is an innovative hands-on learning experience that encourages the students to be collaborative and learn from one another.

Our staff walked away from this focus group feeling inspired about how we could better support the STEM efforts of the teachers we serve. We are excited to see what the future holds for all STEM teachers and students and excited to see how the community will partner with us in our efforts.

Teachers shopping the STEM section at the Classroom Central Free Store

We really appreciate Duke Energy’s investment in Classroom Central STEM projects to help develop the students & teachers we serve.

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