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Huntington Bank, who tracks year-over-year cost of school supplies via their Annual Backpack Index, recently announced there will be an increase above average inflation for items needed in the coming school year.

In 2013 parents are expected to pay:

While these increases will cause a strain in most households, the impact can be devastating to households living in poverty.  Parents often cannot supply these children with the basics, due to the demands of housing and food costs.   With over 50% of kids living in poverty in the greater Charlotte area, these increases will mean less kids have the essential supplies they need: pencils, crayons, paper, and notebooks.

At Classroom Central, we know that the first day of school is critical to success.   Kids who aren’t prepared often have feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, and hopelessness.   It is our goal to equip all kids living in poverty with the school supplies they need to learn.

What can you do to help?

Our Executive Director, Jill, appeared on WSOC Thursday to talk about the increase.  You can see the article by clicking the below link.

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